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Megalodon Tooth, Pyrite Inlay - 5.98"

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  • Found in South Carolina, Charleston area
  • Approx. 4-5 million years old
  • This massive fossil shark tooth has been enhanced with golden pyrite - it's a beautiful and eye-catching megalodon tooth that is sure to stand out in any space! It is highly desirable because of its incredible size (5.98 inches long and 1/2 kg) and good condition - the root is complete, serrations and much of the bourrelet are present, and it has beautiful enamel along the edges of the display side, and nearly full enamel coverage on the opposite side.
  • The largest predatory fish to ever swim the oceans, megalodon measured 10 feet for every inch of shark tooth length, according to scientists’ estimations. Astonishingly, megalodon bite marks have been found in whale bones. This monster probably measured well over 50 feet long!
  • Measures just shy of 6" along both slants...precisely 5.98" at longest edge; 5.89 inches second edge, and 4.63 inches wide wide. Weighs 500 grams!
  • Please select option (1) without the stand, or with stand ($35 extra - choose wooden or "marble")
  • This tooth will be shipped with DHL Express Air. For a precise quote with insurance please contact us.
 Image courtesy of  Karen Carr -