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Fossil Realm invites you to discover ancient treasures that are visually stunning, emotionally evocative and befitting of top tier museums and galleries. We are a world-renowned dealer of exclusive authentic fossils and minerals. Our rare and spectacular collectibles announce sophistication, erudition and refined taste. These beautiful rarities were selected with care, expertise and a deep understanding of market trends.

Fossil Realm is a family-owned-and-operated business centred in Toronto, Canada. We Have over 30 years of experience sourcing and selling genuine fossils and minerals. Our sensational specimens reflect our passion for natural history - many are rare, precious and of museum quality. We have been a trusted, dependable online source of high quality fossils and fine minerals since 2002. Check out our latest verified reviews and testimonials or read more about us and our story.

Our reputation as an honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable fossil dealer is our strongest asset
As such, we stand by our specimens wholeheartedly and uphold transparency regarding fossil preparation, repair or restoration - if applicable. Authenticity and accuracy of geoscientific information is guaranteed! Fossil Realm is a proud member of the AAPS, the Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences, which promotes the ethical and legal collection of fossils and fosters relationships among academic researchers, museum curators and dealers. Please contact us to offer your feedback or call us at (416) 888-2285.  Enjoy browsing our collections! Our prices are listed in $USD by default and fees are processed in $USD. We also have a currency converter in the top right of every page for your convenience. 
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Like fine art, these specimens have a timeless beauty and are sound investments. Among our cherished belongings is a trio of impressive amphibian skulls from the Argana Valley in Morocco. Other standouts include a rare sauropod dinosaur egg from the South of France and an exquisite fossil frog from the Balkans. We also invite you to delve into our selection of fine minerals for sale. These elegant crystals and geodes will afford any home or office with a sophisticated presence. Our piece de resistance is a towering amethyst "cathedral" geode lined with clear, sparkling purple crystals. If you are newcomer or looking buy a unique and affordable science item, check out our best selling pieces. If you already have something in mind, we recommend that you shop by category or search our site. For the curious, we suggest browsing all fossils to discover what piques your interest, all minerals, or simply our complete collection
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Probing the Origins of Life: Q&A with NASA Scientist Dr. Chris McKay

Dr. Chris McKay in Antarctica. Source: NASA

Dr. Chris McKay in Antarctica. Source: NASA

How life originated is one of the deepest mysteries of science - this profound question has perplexed humankind for thousands of years. Now, in the twenty-first century, astrobiologists and other scientists have the tools to investigate it; yet, it remains extremely challenging to answer. 

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Baby bird found in Burmese amber: Q&A with Dr. Ryan McKellar

Baby bird found in Burmese amber: Q and A with Dr. Ryan McKellar

The shocking discovery of a Cretaceous toothed bird preserved in Burmese amber has made headlines around the world. The 99-million year old hatchling is the best-preserved specimen of its kind: features such as eyelids, ear openings and even feather pigmentation remain. The specimen expands our understanding of early feathers and sheds light on the anatomy, development and lifestyle of a major group of Mesozoic birds, the Enantiornithes, which lived alongside the dinosaurs. 

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Spring Open House and Sale Coming Up

Septarian Nodule Flame CarvingVisit Fossil Realm May 6-7 to find the perfect Mother's Day gift! Many unique and beautiful pieces will be on sale. Some great choices include pyrite hearts and eggs, mineral spheres, septarian nodules, amethyst crystals and much more. Fossil Realm is located at 60 Basaltic Rd., Unit 18, in Vaughan, ON 

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