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Looking to build a world class natural history collection? Then consider working closely with a trusted specialist! Over the past decade, Peter Lovisek has assisted with the development of some of the word's most significant paleontological and meteoritical collections.

Peter is an established natural history dealer, broker and consultant based in Ottawa, Canada. He has deep industry connections (globally) and solid relationships with major players in the Art and Collectibles world: commercial and academic palaeontologists, exhibit managers, curators, gallerists, auctioneers and other specialists. 

Peter is open to sharing his expertise and working with you one-on-one to strategically build and grow your fossil, mineral, or meteorite collection. By collaborating exclusively with esteemed partners he will ensure that acquisitions are wisely selected.

This comprehensive collection building programme is designed for serious private collectors and institutions looking to start a collection or enhance their current collection. Peter operates with absolute discretion in all projects he is involved with. 

To learn more please schedule a complimentary phone call with Peter 

Expand your Meteorite Collection with Natural History Specialist Peter Lovisek

Pallasite Meteorite Slice 

Expand your fossil collection with Natural History Specialist Peter James Lovisek - Fossil Realm

Jurassic Pterosaur

Expand your fine mineral collection with Natural History Specialist Peter Lovisek of Fossil Realm

Aqumarine, Albite and Muscovite