Rare fossils, precious gemstones and fine minerals are more than just collectables. A well-planned selection of exclusive, real assets can be an advantageous method of diversifying your investments. Real assets have intrinsic value and are the perfect compliment to financial assets. Moreover, possessing exceptional objects is a rewarding experience in itself. However, this is a difficult area to navigate alone and it is potentially perilous - beware of outrageous pricing, misrepresented items and outright fakes. Fossil Realm now offers a special advisory service for clients interested in sourcing and purchasing exceptional fossils, minerals and/or gemstones. This is a highly personalized service, sure to be an enjoyable and exhilarating process.

Acquiring fossils, minerals and gemstones at better than retail prices is often necessary to ensure that your investment is sound.   

Invest in fossils

You will be advised directly by Peter J. Lovisek, CEO of Fossil Realm. He will work closely with you to develop a plan that suits your needs, interests and tastes. Peter has over two decades of relevant industry expertise and deep connections worldwide in these markets. He will work with you to choose a selection of well-researched, exceptional items that are positioned to appreciate in value. Through this service you will have access to the most exclusive rarities at the absolute best prices.


.Peter Lovisek

For a free consultation, please contact Peter at: +1 (416) 892-8107 or plovisek@fossilrealm.com