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Dinosaur Skeletons - An Emerging Asset Class? (Swen Lorenz; Undervalued Shares, 2023). Explores how fossils are garnering attention as an emerging asset class. Probes whether they are undervalued compared to more established collectible assets like fine art. Our investment advisory service is referenced. 

Interview with Peter Lovisek, CEO of Fossil Realm - gosolo 

3 Interesting Collectable Items You Didn't Know You Could Buy - - 3 Interesting Collectable Items You Didn’t Know You Could Buy


Re-imagine your home with dinosaur decor -

How to Turn Your Hobby into a Career - 

Turning Fossils Into a Future: One Man’s Journey to Entrepreneurship


2016 and Earlier


Check out One Idea for the Man Who Has Everything? Dinosaur Bones. A great article from Inside Hook about our successful collaboration with Touch of Modern.

Fossil Realm was featured on CityNews Toronto. Father and son team, Jim and Peter Lovisek, chat about about their newest fossil skull that rivals a T-Rex. 

Our September Open House and Sale was covered by Global News. We're glad that fossils are getting noticed in the Toronto Area.


A giant prehistoric "Sea Monster" is bound to get attention! Our monstrous Mosasaur Skull was featured in the Toronto StarVaughan Citizen and the Markham Economist and Sun (









Fossil Realm's Jim Lovisek appeared on the hit CBC show Four Rooms on Sunday, April 13, 2014. Will he manage to sell one of our most prized spiny ammonite fossils? Read our blog for more details.



Fossil Realm is the resident expert for everything paleontological on the hit new reality TV show, Storage Wars Canada. When interesting fossils are found in an abandoned storage locker in Toronto, our expertise was needed to appraise and identify the pieces - Check us out on Storage Wars Canada | OLN - Season 1, Episode 5. 


Check out this piece in Streeter (originally written for Town Crier), which includes an interview with Fossil Realm's Peter Lovisek.