We have been a reliable wholesale supplier of quality fossils and minerals for many years. Our carefully curated inventory of hot-selling items is available to all verified retailers of fossils, rocks, minerals, gems and jewellery - and our prices are fantastic!

We have a variety popular items available: fossil fish, trilobites, ammonites, dinosaur teeth, orthoceras, megalodon teeth of all sizes, shark tooth necklaces, meteorites, quartz geodes, jars of gold, selenite wands, polished labradorite and much more.

Wholesale Fossils and Minerals

We offer retailers of all sizes the flexibility they need. Once your vendor status is approved, we will send you our wholesale price list, which includes most of our best sellers - a selection of 35+ SKU's. You will be eligible to order any quantity of these items at a fixed wholesale price, as long as you reach a minimum of $350 per order.

And there's more! You will also have access to all of our one-of-a-kind items at a discount. This is a great way to add showcase pieces to your shop.

Please contact us to apply for vendor status. We take great pride in our first-rate customer service and highly value our special relationships with vendors.