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Large Selection of Minerals, Meteorites, Fossils on offer. Available for pick up in our Greater Toronto Area location only. We do not ship wholesale orders.

To get an idea of the collection contents, please download this excel file or PDF (please note that many of these items have sold, but it is still gives an idea of what is available, plus there are additional items not on this list. 


We have been a reliable wholesale supplier of quality fossils and minerals for many years. Our carefully curated inventory of hot-selling items is available to all verified retailers of fossils, rocks, minerals, gems and jewellery - and our prices are fantastic!

We have a variety popular items available available in bulk: fossil fish, trilobites, ammonites, dinosaur teeth, orthoceras, megalodon teeth of all sizes, shark tooth necklaces, meteorites, quartz geodes, jars of gold, selenite wands, polished labradorite and much more. These lots are not listed on our website - please inquire.

Wholesale Fossils and Minerals