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Fossil Stingray with Branch, 32" x 20"

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This gorgeous fossil stingray (Heliobatis radians) is bound to amaze - it is a snapshot of life on the bottom of a 50 million year old lake that teemed with life. This fine ray is beautifully situated in a natural shale matrix measuring  inches. Amazingly, even the barbs of the stingray are intact. Additionally, a botanical element is present (branch), which adds rarity and aesthetic balance piece.

The stingray swam in ancient Eocene lakes in Wyoming, USA and was found in the famous Green River Formation, known to produce some of the most spectacular vertebrate fossils. 

Stingrays are cartilaginous fish related to sharks. They have barbed stingers on whip-like tails, which are used for self-defence. This particular specimen is a female ray. 

Slab measures 32 x 20 inches and has a plywood backing. 

Only minor restoration (touchups) on fine disc details. 

The fossil specimens have been inset (placed) into the matrix.