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Fossil Fish Assemblage - 40 x 30.5 inches

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Here is an outstanding natural assemblage of four different fossil fish species: Phareodus testis, Diplomystus dentatus, Knightia eocaena, and Priscacara serrata. These fish swam in ancient Eocene lakes in Wyoming, USA, 50 million years ago. They were discovered in the famous Green River Formation, which is known to produce some of the most spectacular vertebrate fossils.

This gorgeous Green River Formation fossil was found in the bottom capping bedding of the 18-inch layer, which produces the best preserved specimens of Fossil Lake (a famous Eocene locality in Wyoming).

This particular piece is a fine example of world class fossil preparation - in fact, it took approximately 65 hours to complete, including meticulous work under magnification.

Shale slab measures approximately 40 x 30.5 inches. Ready for wall-hanging.

These fish were naturally found in this slab, in this configuration (i.e., no fish were inset). 

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