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Vault Series #2 - Oriented Chondrite with Flight Lines

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Specimen #2 in Fossil Realm's prestigious Vault Series

Available for purchase July 1, 2026

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This is an extraordinary, 24.7 kg, oriented shield chondrite. Orientation is, in itself, rare as only 1 in 1000 meteorites display signs of orientation, meaning the meteor maintained a stable position as it crashed into the atmosphere at over 40,000 Kph. In just seconds, the surface of the leading side heated to 2800⁰f causing it to melt into a beautiful heat shield, reflecting the atmospheric
heating outward. The molten rock created incredible fluting from convection and flowlines, streaming out from the center of the shield, similar to rain blowing up a car windshield. These fine lines hardened in a perfect snapshot as the rock abruptly slowed to a terminal velocity of ~300 Kph.

An intact, oriented shield is almost unheard of. An oriented shield of this size, with fusion crusted
flight markings is a once in a century find and a true museum specimen.

This meteorite was classified as an H4-6 Chondrite at the University of Minnesota by Dr. Jennifer Mitchell (pending approval).

This chondrite was found in southern Algeria, near the town of Tamanrasset, in 2023.
Find coordinates are 22.016228, 5.702543