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Iron Meteorite, Campo del Cielo Shrapnel - 28 kg

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This exceptional iron meteorite is highly sculptural and of museum quality, exhibiting a breathtaking deep grey surface with silver highlights and well-defined, deep regmaglypts (thumbprints). 

Shrapnel meteorite fragments resemble the twisted metal of a bomb explosion and were in fact formed when a meteor exploded, cracked and tore apart, likely upon entry to the mesosphere (caused by rapidly increasing pressure). Shrapnel fragments are not typically seen in Campo meteorites and rarely seen in such a large size.

This event led to unusual sharpened sections that dramatically jut out at the edges of the specimen. One face of the meteorite is highly regmaglypted (the exterior) and the opposing side lacks regmaglypts.

Five-thousand years ago the giant "Campo del Cielo" meteorites bombarded what is now Chaco Province in Argentina. In 1576 Spanish explorers discovered the massive craters and monstrous iron meteorites weighing several tonnes, along with many small fragments.

The composition is primarily iron with traces of Nickel and Cobalt.

Weight: 28 kg 

Size: 28 x 24 x 12.5 cm