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Spinosaurus Hand Claw - 5.17"

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On offer is an absolutely superb Spinosaurus hand claw, measuring nearly 6 inches (along outer curve).

Spinosaurus was one of the most imposing animals to have ever walked the planet. Spinosaurus was a gigantic carnivorous dinosaur with an impressive sail on its back. It surpassed T-Rex, and other contemporary carnivores, in overall size, measuring as much as 59 feet by some estimates. 

This Cretaceous predator was also unique in that it was a semi-aquatic quadruped. The way its skeleton is balanced suggests that it walked on all fours and its skull shape shares similarities with crocodilians. Notably, Spinosaurus has an elongated skull with conical teeth lining its jaws and raised nostrils, which enabled it to effectively capture fish in the extensive river system that is now North African desert.

There is no consensus among scientists regarding the purpose of the distinctive 5-6 foot high “sail” (or possibly, hump) that extended from its vertebrae. Proposed functions include thermoregulation, display or a combination thereof.

Measures 5.17" x 1.86" x 1.03" (straight), and just shy of 6 inches along outer curve. Weighs 105 grams.

Species: Spinosaurus sp.
Age: Late Cretaceous 
Location: Kem Kem Basin, Morocco

Bespoke mount included

Spinosaurus skull

Photo credits:  Mike Bowler from Canada - Spinosaurus (Wikipedia)