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Sacred Lotus Gemstone Carving. Artisan: Glenn Lehrer

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This intense pink Rose Quartz gemstone carving (322.7 carats) achieves transcendent beauty! Set in the centre is a blue Montana sapphire, fashioned in the artist's famed TorusRing design, accented by a rare Padparadscha sapphire.

Rose Quartz, intense pink gem quality, nearly flawless hand carved Lotus Blossom Flower, weighing 322.7 carats, measuring 79.5 x 69.8 x 19.5 mm, (N) origin Madagascar. Set in the centre is Montana Light Blue Sapphire (H) TorusRing cut (AGC13) - 5.56 cts. Rd. 15.2mm ID 5.1mm (USA) with 0.65 ct. Padparadscha sapphire (Montana, USA) (H) set with platinum

Photos by Orasa Weldon

Glenn Lehrer is internationally recognized as one of the finest gemstone carvers of our time, renowned for his ability to transform a solid stone into a piece of art that miraculously transcends its own physical properties. Under Glenn’s expert hands, gemstones become green leaves newly formed or butterfly wings that seem to flutter when glimpsed out of the corner of your eye.

Lehrer has won many prestigious awards for his jewelry and gemstone designs: ten Cutting Edge Awards and one Spectrum Award from (AGTA) the American Gem Trade Association; the NITCH Award; and an award from the prestigious Association in Germany. His award winning gemstones and jewelry designs have appeared on the cover of twenty major worldwide jewelry publications, and numerous articles have been written describing his craftsmanship. Four of his carvings have been featured in the Modern Jewelers’ Gem Profile collection.

Glenn Lehrer - Gemstone Artist

Glenn Lehrer, Acclaimed gemstone artist