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Dinosaur Egg Nest from France - 24 inch Matrix

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This clutch of four rare Titanosaur dinosaur eggs was discovered in the south of France and dates to the Late Cretaceous - 70 million years old.

It is an absolutely spectacular specimen because the eggs have retained much of its original spherical shape, and it displays very detailed shell texture. It is a truly eye-catching dinosaur egg nest, ideal for the sophisticated collector, museum or high-end gallery.

Titanosaurs were a group of sauropod dinosaur (long-necked herbivores) and were some of the largest land animals of all time, with some species weighing up to 90 tonnes! Sauropods were an extremely successful group of dinosaurs and fossil specimens have been found throughout the world. Interestingly, fossil trackways indicate that sauropods were social animals that traveled in great herds.

The famous English paleontologist, Sir Richard Owen, described sauropod fossils in 1841, although a sauropod tooth was found back in 1699, before dinosaurs were understood by the scientific community. 

Note that most eggs on the market come from China and belong to Hadrosaurs. A sauropod egg from France, especially in this condition, is considerably more valuable, sought-after, collectible and unique. 

Species of egg: Cairanoolithus dughii

Location: Montagnac, Department Herault, Languedoc-Roussillon region, southern France.

Incredibly, this museum quality piece is completely original, with no restoration.

The plaster cast used to excavate the fossil conveniently acts as a base for display.

We have documentation that this egg was permissibly collected on a private estate.

Measures 24 x 14 x 8 inches. Largest egg measures 8 inches long.


Titanosaur skeleton

Mounted replica skeleton of a Titanosaur