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8.3” Polished Labradorite (Madagascar)

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This is a spectacular, hand-polished, freeform 8.3-inch labradorite specimen (a feldspar mineral) from Madagascar. Its coloration and iridescence are exceptional, and cannot be fully captured by a camera!

Note that it picks up surrounding colors, so feel free to experiment with its placement. The polishing is complete, bringing out natural hues – green, blue, gold, orange – that shimmer in the light, changing tones and intensity depending on the display angle and level of lighting. We recommend displaying this piece in diffuse, rather than direct light.

Note: No artificial enhancement of color – all natural.

Measures 8.3 x 7.63 x 4.3 inches, weighs 12 lb. 10 oz. (5.73 kg).

A feldspar mineral ((Ca, Na)(Al, Si)4O8), this gorgeous gemstone is known for its dazzling display of iridescent blue, green, gold and even purple colours. The changing flash of colours known as the “Schiller Effect” or “labradorescence” is caused by light bouncing back (diffraction) between internal fractures (lamellae) in the mineral and refracting back to your eyes.

Named after the Canadian province of Newfound and Labrador, labradorite was introduced to the West by Moravian missionaries, who found the town of Nain Labrador in 1771 and acquired specimens from nearby Paul’s island. The majority of the world's supply of labradorite today is collected on the island of Madagascar, east of South Africa.