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Large Meteorite Slice - Admire Pallasite, 975 grams

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Here is a phenomenal Admire pallasite meteorite slice weighing in at 975 grams - the largest on market. Specimen measures 22.5 cm x 32 cm x 5 mm.

This extremely rare stony-iron meteorite is revered for its unparalleled beauty: sparkling, gem-quality olivine crystals (peridot) are gorgeously interspersed amongst the metallic (iron-nickel) matrix. The original meteorite was discovered in Admire, Kansas in 1881.

Stony-Iron, Pallasite (PMG)

TKW >2 Tons 

Admire, Lyon County, Kansas, USA

Backlight and clear acrylic stand included

Certificate of Authenticity issued by Fossil Realm included

Specimen is backlit in the images (and we added one in sunlight as well).