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Massive Triceratops Brow Horn/Orbit

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Here is a magnificent authentic Triceratops brow horn and eye orbit. This American dinosaur fossil is ideal for the serious collector or museum.
  • Right postorbital horn and eye orbit (prefrontal, lachrymal, and jugal) 
  • Measures 38" high with the base, 28” wide and 18” deep / 96 cm x 71 cm x 46 cm
  • Species: Triceratops prorsus
  • Formation: Hell Creek Formation
  • Age: Upper Maastrichtian (66MYBP)
  • Locality: Near Buffalo, Harding County, SD
Legally collected on a private Ranch. Custom metal stand included. No restoration on horn itself. Some restoration on orbit, shown in solid dark chocolate brown. Tip has natural wear.
Triceratops skeleton fossil - Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
Triceratops prorsus skeleton, Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Source: Wikipedia - Daderot