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Unheated Vivid Red Ruby, 2.27 carats

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This vivid "pigeon-blood" red ruby is an absolutely exclusive gemstone. It possesses pure, natural beauty - unheated and untreated. With intense colour and stunning lustre, it is sure to be adored by all. It's the perfect centre stone for a dazzling piece of jewellery - ring or pendant and it's ideal for Valentines Day or a unique engagement ring.

There is a very high premium placed on unheated rubies, especially on quality stones over 1 carat. Due to their rarity and desirablility, value can range from 3x to 5x that of heated stones of similar size and appearance.

    Rubies are one of only four true precious stones, including diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. They have adorned the royalty of cultures all over the world and throughout the ages; they are the most valuable variety of the mineral corundum, which includes sapphires. The word “ruby” originates from the Latin rubeus, meaning “red” or “red stone”. Prized for the deep red colour, sub-adamantine lustre (incredible brightness) and notable durability these stones were first dredged from riverbeds of Southeast Asia.

    The deep red colour of this stone comes from chromium (Cr3+) within the crystal structure. High amounts of chrome will give rubies a deeper red colour, like the highly sought after “Pigeon Blood,” whereas less chrome will give a more pinkish ruby. While even small gem quality rubies are scarce, large gem quality rubies are rarer and often more valuable than similar sized diamonds. Another fascinating characteristic of rubies and sapphires is called asterism, the optical phenomenon that creates the “star ruby”. The famous Rosser Reeves Ruby is an exceptional example of a star ruby, weighing 138.7 carats! Historic occurrences include: Ratnapura, Sri Lanka and Mogok, Myanmar. Other localities include: Mozambique, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Thailand and western Greenland.

    • Ruby var. Corundum
    • Al2O3 – Trigonal Crystal System
    • Cut: Brilliant/Step (Heart-cut)
    • Size: 7.05 mm x 8.58 mm x 4.40 mm

    • Origin: Mozambique
    • See full GRS report for more details.
    • GRS Report Number: GRS2017-041536
    • Photos taken with DSLR Camera/Macro Lens. 

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