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Lunar Meteorite Slice, Gadamis 005 - 30 grams

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  • Lunar meteorite slice, 30 grams 
  • Gadamis 005 (Libya)
  • Classification: Lunar ferroan anorthosite
  • Professionally sliced and polished

How this Moon rock reached Earth is truly remarkable: 

An asteroid impact on the Moon forceful ejected surface rock, sending it on a journey thoroughly space (384,000 km in our direction), and it ultimately fell to Earth as a meteorite! Interestingly, a lunar meteorite is identified by comparing its mineralogical and chemical composition to Moon rocks brought home to Earth from the Apollo and Luna missions. Remarkably, this meteorite (Gadamis 005) is in fact similar in composition to some of the Apollo 16 moon-rock specimens!

Signed Certificate of Authenticity issued by Fossil Realm included