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Jurassic Crocodile, Steneosaurus - 9.18'

This piece has been sold, but we may have a similar item available. Contact us online to make an inquiry.

This specimen has sold. We are offering another magnificent crocodile skeleton here.

This large and complete crocodile skeleton is a spectacular find from the Holzmaden Shale near Stuttgart, Germany, a fossil locale renowned for its finely preserved specimens.

Incredibly, throat rings and stomach stones (gastroliths) are present.

This marine predator once inhabited warm Jurassic seas that teemed with a variety of ammonites, ichthyosaurs, crinoids (sea lilies) and many fish species. 

It truly belongs to the upper echelon of fine fossils and would be the focal point of any home or public setting.

Considerable time and skill was needed to reveal this specimen from the matrix - meticulous, specialized labour in a state of the art German laboratory. 

    • Species: Steneosaurus bollensis 
    • Formation: Posidonia Shale 
    • Location: Holzmaden, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
    • Age: Lower Jurassic, approximately 182 million years old
    • Specimen measures approximately 9.18 feet along curve (2.8 meters)
    • Plate measures 187 x 131 cm (73.5 x 51.5 inches) 
    • Can be displayed in several orientations  
    • Certificate of authenticity included
    • Preparation notes: restoration on some tail vertebrae and a few body plates. Teeth added. Specimen inset in shale slab.  


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Steneosaurus reconstruction

Artist's reconstruction of Steneosaurus Credit: Nobu Tamura