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Fossil Gar from Wyoming - 35"

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This impressive prehistoric gar is extremely well preserved. The three-dimensional relief is astounding and it stands out beautifully from the 5 foot shale slab in which it was preserved, 50 million years ago. At nearly 3 feet in length, this specimen is truly awe-inspiring.

It swam in thriving ancient Eocene lakes in Wyoming and comes from the famous Green River Formation, known to produce some of the world’s most spectacular vertebrate fossils.

In addition to its size and completeness, several features of this fossil make it an outstanding piece. In particular, the presence of teeth is amazing and fine details of the fins, snout, and scales are immaculately preserved. Furthermore, gars are among the rarest types of fossil fish.

Gars are unique ray-finned fish with armour-like scales and an elongated snout. These "living fossils" first appeared in the Cretaceous Period, the last age of the dinosaurs. Interestingly, gars sometimes surface to breathe air, a prehistoric trait.

Two other fish species compliment this gorgeous specimen: a Knightia eocena, which is a herring ancestor, and a spiny Cockerellites liops, which is a bass ancestor.

Weeks of painstaking work by a professional fossil preparator were needed to uncover the fine bones, fins and intricate details to ultimately bring these spectacular prehistoric fish to life.

Species: Lepisosteus simplex

Certificate of authenticity included

Only minor restoration was needed on a small section of bottom scales and some outer fin tips, which is typical.

Measures 60 x 32.5 x 2 inches, including frame (152.5 cm x 82.5 cm x 5.5 cm). Gar measures 35 x 8.1 inches (90 cm x 21 cm).

The specimen comes framed and ready to hang flush on a wall with a French cleat system (included). 

Brick wall rendering copyright Paolo De Santis, 123 Stock Photos

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We have also just acquired a large, ultra rare garfish (43 inches) - please let us know if this specimen might be of interest and we can send send photos and pricing information.

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