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Beautiful Tyrannosaurus rex Tooth - 3.19"

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This outstanding Tyrannosaurus rex tooth was discovered in the famed Hell Creek Formation, in Harding County, South Dakota.

The partial root present in this robust 3.19 inch specimen adds to its rarity and uniqueness. Additionally, the enamel is extremely lustrous and well-preserved, with gorgeous deep bronze-brown colour. Both edges are beautifully serrated with most serrations in place. An absolute jewel for avid collectors; T.rex teeth of this size and fine quality are truly special and rarely available in today's market.

Measures 3.19" long  x 1.59" wide (straight line). Crown measures 2.44" Weighs 74 grams.

  • Hell Creek Formation
  • Upper Cretaceous: 66-68 million years old
  • Harding County
  • South Dakota, USA

Condition Report Upon Request