2 Elrathia Trilobites, 507 million years old

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While this Elrathia trilobite fossil is no longer available, Fossil Realm has additional rare trilobite fossils available for sale on our website. (If you’d like more information on any particular item, please contact us here.)

This Elrathia kingii trilobite was collected in Wheeler Shale Formation, which dates back to the Mid Cambrian Period - 507 million years ago! Was found in the House Mountain Range near Antelope Springs, Utah, USA. Great item to start a fossil collection.

It is a complete trilobite. Representative picture. Measures appx. 1 1/8 inch  (2.85 cm) 

Trilobites were a large group marine arthropods - related to crabs, scorpions and insects - with more than 20,000 described species. These fascinating ancient creatures lived throughout most of the Paleozoic Era, for about 300 million years. The earliest species date back to the Cambrian Period, about 520 million years ago.

The name trilobite refers to the 3 longitudinal divisions of a trilobites body - a central axial lobe with a pleural lobe on each side. Like modern insects, they also have 3 divisions of their body; a head or cephalon, a thorax, and a tail area or pygidium.

Price is for 2 trilobites

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