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Large T. rex Tooth on Mammoth Ivory Pedestal

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This gorgeous Tyrannosaurus rex tooth was discovered in Garfield County, Montana (Hell Creek Formation). The specimen is visually stunning, presented on a striking handcrafted fossil mammoth ivory pedestal.

Much of the enamel is outstanding - glossy and well-preserved, with pleasing beige and earthy brown colour. One edge (distal) is sharply serrated, with most serrations in place. On the other edge, serrations are only present for about 1 inch towards the tip. Substantial root etching is also apparent, as is common at this locality. The tip is in very good condition with only a small wear facet.

T.rex teeth of this large size and quality are truly special and scarcely seen in today's market. 

  • Hell Creek Formation
  • Upper Cretaceous: 68 to 66 million years old
  • Garfield County, Montana, USA
  • Measures 3.85” long (straightline)

Condition Report Upon Request