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Nature is the Greatest Teacher

As educators, our goal is to share our passion for fossils, minerals, and the the earth and life sciences! 

Find out about the fascinating geochemical processes underlying the pyritization of fossils.

Learn about rare pyritized trilobites with legs, antennae, and soft body parts. 

Discover interesting marine life from the famous deposits in Lebanon.

See how volcanic activity and flooding can lead to entire petrified forests.

Read out about the special formations where fossil insects have been found

Ammonites are prehistoric relatives of squid that lived in coiled shells - some species grew to 3 metres! Learn more about ammonites.

Trilobites are one of the most diverse groups of animals that ever lived. Some even had curvy spines. Learn about trilobite fossils here.

Learn about labradorite, a staggeringly beautiful mineral with unique optical properties.

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