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Lunar Meteorite Sphere, Gadamis, Libya

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  • Large lunar meteorite sphere, 1002 carats / 200.4 grams
  • Gadamis 004 (Libya)
  • Classification: Lunar ferroan anorthosite 
  • Specimen measurements: 2.0" / 52.4 mm diameter 
  • Expertly fashioned into a globe and polished

Among the most exclusive offerings in our collection, this “Apollo Lunar” sphere is a true rarity and impressive in size (given the scarcity of this extraterrestrial material). It measures 2” in diameter and weighs a staggering 200 grams!

Notably, it’s also the first ever Gadamis 004 specimen fashioned into the shape of a globe - a true miniature moon that you can hold in your hand. Without a doubt, it’s a piece of natural history you won’t find elsewhere, sure to be cherished for generations.

How this Moon rock reached Earth is truly remarkable as well. An asteroid impact on the Moon forcefully launched surface rock on a journey through space (384,000 km in our direction), ultimately falling to Earth as a meteorite! A lunar meteorite is identified by comparing its mineralogical and chemical composition to Moon rocks brought home to Earth from the Apollo and Luna missions. In fact, due to its high anorthite content, this particular lunar meteorite (Gadamis 004) is extremely similar in composition to Apollo 16 samples.

Signed Certificate of Authenticity issued by Fossil Realm Inc. included