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Fossil Fish Triptych, Green River Formation, United States

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This is a breathtaking fossil triptych featuring several different species of fish. It is absolute gem for the lover of fine art and natural history!

These fish swam in ancient Eocene lakes in Wyoming, USA, 50 million years ago. They were discovered in the famous Green River Formation, which is known to produce some of the most spectacular vertebrate fossils. Interestingly, predatory Phareodus and Diplomystus have even been found with small fish preserved in their mouths!

Diplomystus is an extinct member of the family that includes herrings. Its upturned mouth was used to feed on surface fish

Priscacara is an extinct perch, characterized by its dorsal spines.

Mioplosus is an extinct perch with pointed teeth - a deadly predator. 

It took many hours of painstaking work by a professional fossil preparator to reveal the fine bones of these fossil fish from the stone. Surely, it was worth the effort to bring these ancient fish to life!

An exceptional, museum quality piece.

Each panel of stone measures 24 x 49 inches. Displayed together, the piece measures about 75 x 49 inches.

Includes a sturdy french cleat backing to hang slab flush on a wall.

Fish were inset into the stone. Condition report upon request  

Will be securely shipped in a padded wooden crate. We ship worldwide. Please contact us to receive a shipping estimate.