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Monumental Fossil Palm Frond - 108” x 54”

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The preservation of this exceptional Green River palm frond is outstanding and it possesses many fascinating features. Notably, the petiole (stem) is complete and exhibits several breaks, which occurred prior to fossilization, likely due to violent windstorms. Moreover, Eocene flora and fauna are well represented, with two small fish preserved in association on the same plate (both Knightia eocaena).

Interestingly, the pattern of white dots on the leaves are the result of insect damage. When the frond grew, it was folded up and the insects bit through it. Then once the frond completely opened up a gorgeous pattern emerged. 

The specimen is not inset; the plant and two fish are naturally preserved in the beautiful stone matrix.

Dimensions: 108 x 54 in.


Lincoln County, Wyoming, USA

Green River Formation 

Eocene Epoch - 52 MYA

Stratigraphic Layer: Lower Sandwich Bed (located beneath the 18" Layer)