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Rare Fossil Fish, Dapedium punctatus - 18.9"

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This breathtaking fossil fish, Dapedium punctatus, is a spectacular find from the Holzmaden Shale near Stuttgart, Germany, a fossil locale renowned for its incredibly preserved specimens. This prehistoric ray-finned fish inhabited warm Jurassic seas that teemed with a variety of ammonites, ichthyosaurs, crinoids (sea lilies) and many fish species. Dapedium had thick, square-shaped scales and a bony-armoured head. At 18.9 inches long, this a particularly large example of the species.

It truly belongs to the upper echelon of fine fossils 

Considerable time and skill was needed to reveal this specimen from the matrix - meticulous, specialized labour in a state of the art German preparatory laboratory. 

  • Species: Dapedium punctatus
  • Formation: Posidonia Shale 
  • Location: Holzmaden, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
  • Age: Lower Jurassic, approximately 182 million years old
  • Specimen measures approximately 48 cm (18.9 inches), plate measures approximately 98 x 72 cm (38.6 x 28.3 inches)
  • Weighs approx 30 kg (66 lbs)
  • Restoration on outer part of fins
  • Preparation notes: The fish was inset into ammonite slab
  • Slab includes wall-hanging moulds 

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