Rare Fossil Brittle Stars from Lebanon - 11 inches

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  • Brittle stars are marine echinoderms related to star fish and classified in the Ophiuroidea Order. They are also called serpent stars because of their incredibly flexible arms which are used to crawl along the ocean floor which in many species is greater than 500 meters. Unlike starfish the five arms connect to a central disk that houses all the internal organs of the creature. 
  • The lower side of the dish has a mouth surrounded by 5 toothed jaws. Brittle stars have the amazing ability to regenerate or regrow new arms.
  • This specimen is from Hakel, Lebanon. Plate is 11 x 9.5 inches by 1 inch thick. A nice solid plate with no cracks, repairs or painting or enhancements. Seven brittle stars showing great detail. Also an unusual unidentified heart shaped creature. A rare find!
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