Stunning Fossil Dragonfly from Solnhofen, Germany

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  • This is a superb example of a fossil dragonfly (Tharsophlebia sp.) from the famous lithographic limestones of Solnhofen, in southern Germany. This predatory insect once rapidly flew around the heads of dinosaurs in the mid Jurassic 150 million years ago.
  • Unlike many of the fossil insects from Solnhofen, this plate is not broken and re-glued. Matrix measures 10.25 inches (26 cm) by 8.5 inches ( 22 cm). The fossil dragonfly measures 4 inches long (10 cm)  with a wingspan of 4 inches (10 cms).
  • This specimen was found in the same region (Solnhoffen, Germany) where Archaeopteryx - the feathered dinosaur - was found in 1861. There is a natural dendrite on the left side of the plate.