Orthoceras Fossil Pendants, Silver

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Here is a chance to wear a piece of prehistoric jewelry that is both gorgeous and fascinating.    

Orthoceras are fossil cephalopods ("head-footed creatures") related to squid and octopus. This beautiful orthoceras (meaning "Straight Horn") fossil is from the Sahara Desert in Morocco. It dates to the Devonian Period - 395 to 345 million years old! These ancient mollusks had long, straight shells divided into chambers connected by a narrow tube, called the "siphuncle". These chambers were used to regulate buoyancy by exchanging gases and fluids, and the animal lived in the largest chamber.

This fossil has been polished and is 100% authentic. Polishing the stone makes the chambered shell remarkably clear and brings this ancient creature to life!

Note: representative item. Size ranges from 2 to 2.5 inches in length (5 to 6.5 cm). Weighs approximately 10 grams / .37 oz.

Chain not included

Price for 5 pendants