Permian Amphibian and Fish Association - 29" Matrix

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Here is a fabulous Permian amphibian and fish association from Odernheim, Pfalz, Germany. Sclerocephalus amphibian measures 16" long. Paramblyterus fish measures 6" - matrix measures 29 inches long. 

Sclerocephalus was a salamander-like amphibian that inhabited swamps in present-day Southwest Germany, nearly 300 million years ago, before the appearance of the dinosaurs.

This specimen comes from an old collection. The quarry near Pfalz, Germany where this piece was collected has been closed for more than 20 years. 
Although Sclerocephalus resembles modern day salamanders, it is not closely related. In fact, it is classified in a separate order of amphibians, the Temnospondyli.

Age: Lower Permian - 295 million years.
Location: Odenheim, Rheinland-Pflaz, Germany.
Only minor restoration.
Reinforced with a fibreglass backing.
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