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Mammoth Tusk with Blue Coloration, 68"

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This exceptional woolly mammoth tusk boasts a mesmerizing symphony of colours, including blue, grey-blue, creamy white, beige and dark brown. These hues form gorgeous patterns from base to tip. A truly unique specimen!

Bone, teeth and tusk fossils can occasionally become a beautiful blue colour over time: apatite, consisting of calcium phosphate, reacts with iron and transforms to vivianite, a beautiful green-blue mineral.

Ready to be displayed in home, office or museum with a hand-crafted oak stand that dramatically elevates the tusk and highlights its curvature. 

The specimen measures 68" along the outer curve and weighs 55 lbs.

Condition report available upon request. 

NOTE: due to present restrictions we cannot ship to California, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, Nevada, Illinois, DC or New Hampshire

Model of woolly mammoth at Royal BC Museum. Source: Wikipedia