Lapis Lazuli Earrings

$49.99 USD

These unique earrings were created by our in-house designer in Toronto. 

These pieces of intense blue Lapis Lazuli are a great gift for the price point!

This gorgeous blue gemstone has been sought after by different cultures around the world for over 7,000 years. Mined in Badakhshan in northeastern Afghanistan, our Lapis has been hand polished to show the beautiful blue colour with shimmering bands of sparking pyrite (iron sulphide) and streaks of white calcite. All of our pieces are natural colors without any dyes.

In the past, Lapis was ground up to make the blue pigment ultramarine. Renaissance painters used this highly sought after and very expensive pigment for robes of the Virgin Mary and dazzling sky scenes.

Product description: 925 Italian sterling silver chain with half flat hooks and 8 mm beads.

The matching necklace is also available online.