Fossil Mammoth Carving Ivory (Tusk Section) - 13.58 lbs

$2,450.00 USD

This fossil mammoth tusk section is premium carving grade. The tusk comes from a large bull (male) woolly mammoth that trekked through the frozen tundra more than 10,000 years ago.

The coloration is gorgeous on this very reasonably priced piece.

Measures 10 x 5.75 inches (diameter). Weighs 13.58 lbs. / 6162 grams.

Species: Mammuthus primigenius (Woolly mammoth)
Location: Belovo, Kemerovo Oblast, Southwestern Siberia, in Russia.
Age: 10,000 - 20,000 years old  

Fossil mammoth ivory can be distinguished from present-day elephant ivory by the angle of crosshatching (Schreger lines) and can be traded internationally.

Note: due to present restrictions we cannot ship to New York state or New Jersey.