Fossil Juvenile Cave Bear Mandible, Romania - 6.7 inches

$175.00 USD

  • This is a fossil mandible (lower Jaw) from a juvenile gigantic prehistoric cave bear - Ursus spelaeus. Collected in a cave in the Bihor Mountains of Transylvania, Romania. the fossil dates back to the Pleistocence Epoch, about 45 thousand years ago. This great fossil comes from an old collection and is now difficult to obtain. 

  • The jaw measures 6.7 inches in length x 2.4 inches wide, and weights 80 grams. The largest molar is 1.3 inches long. Great fossil for the price-point!

  • Like most bears, there is a sexual dimorphism in size of cave bears. Male bear can grow to over 1000 pounds while a female cave bear grew to about half that size. There is evidence that Neanderthals worshipped cave bears. Caches of cave bear skulls all aligned in the same direction have been found  at several locations including a site in Switzerland and France.