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Fossil Crocodile Partial Skeleton

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This fabulous partial crocodile skeleton was found in Wyoming's Green River Formation, a locality celebrated for its exquisitely preserved fossils. It is an especially fascinating piece as there are stomach contents present (bones from a fish - Priscacara serrata - and coprolite). Note the third image with a finger pointing out the preopercular bone of the Priscacara.

The lifelike position of the limbs creates a sense of movement in this rare and beautifully articulated specimen - nature's artwork at its finest!

The shale matrix measures 46 x 31 inches. Ready for wall-hanging with a French cleat system.

Species: Borealosuchus wilsoni

This species is not technically a true alligator or crocodile - rather, an extinct relative (primitive crocodylomorph). It was an apex predator, preying on turtles and fish in its subtropical environment, 50 million years ago.

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