Fantastic Polished Megalodon Tooth - 6.12"

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This enormous polished Megalodon Tooth (Carcharocles megalodon) is from South Carolina. It is a collectible Megalodon shark tooth because of its size - over 6 inches - completeness, and pointed tip. It has a unique polished jet black surface on one side and complete dark-grey enamel on the reverse, with evident knife-like serrations present.

Megalodon has captured the public’s imagination in recent years. It is hard to fathom that a creature this monstrous really existed. Megalodon is known to have preyed on whales and its biting force is estimated to have been 10 times greater than a Great White shark, even surpassing Tyrannosaurus rex!

Scientists estimate that it measured roughly 10 feet long for every inch of tooth length (measured diagonally). Therefore, this colossal animal could have spanned well over 50 feet in length. It was most likely the largest predators to ever swim the oceans.

Measures 6.12 inches / 15.5 cm  x 4.6 inches / 11.8 cm, weight 384 g, 13.5 oz. 


  • Age: Miocene Epoch, 16 - 25 Million Years Old 
  • Location: Morgan River, Beaufort County, South Carolina, USA 
  • Certificate Of Authenticity Included 
  • Stand Included