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Rare Fossil Frog from Bosnia (Miocene) - Latonia sp.

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This exceptional fossil frog comes from the Balkans and dates to the Miocene Epoch, 20 million years ago.

The detailed fossilization of the bones on this sizeable specimen is remarkable; well-preserved frogs are among the rarest of vertebrate fossils and are extremely sought after.

This eye-catching fossil will stand out in the finest of collections; the rich, earthy-coloured skeleton pops out from the light matrix. Moreover, it is especially appealing because of its dynamic lifelike posture - its leap frozen in time.

Interestingly, only one member of this genus survives today, the Hula painted frog of Israel.

Species: Latonia sp. 

Location: Gracanica, Bosnia 

Date: Miocene Epoch (Burdigalian stage), 20.44 – 15.97 million years old.

Measurements: Total length of frog - 6.1 inches / 15.6 cm, Frog body (not including legs) - 3.7 inches / 9.4 cm, Matrix measures 9 x 5.5 x 0.57 inches / 22.8 cm x 13.9 cm x 1.45 cm.

Weighs 12.9 oz. / 371 grams 

Note: A crack running through the matrix was expertly re-glued by the fossil preparator.