Polished Orthoceras Fossil - 28 inches

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Orthoceras are prehistoric marine cephalopods ("head-footed creatures") related to squid and octopus. These beautiful orthoceras (meaning "Straight Horn") fossils were collected from a location in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco in Northern Africa. They date back to the Devonian Period - 395 to 345 million years old! Unlike ammonites with a coiled shell, Orthoceras had long, straight shells. You can easily identify the flotation chambers which were connected by a narrow tube, called the "siphuncle". These chambers were used to regulate buoyancy by exchanging gases or fluids providing rapid movement from the ocean depths to surface feeding areas.  

Polishing the limestone makes the chambered shell remarkably clear in 3-D relief and brings these ancient creatures to life! This fossil can easily be mounted for a stunning wall display or placed on a stand to decorate a table top.

No repair or restoration.


Measures 28" x 8" x 2" / 71 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm

Weighs 43.8 lbs / 19.9 kg