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Megalodon Shark Tooth - 4.78 inches

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  • Beautifully preserved fossil shark tooth (Carcharocles megalodon). This is an outstanding specimen because of its completeness (including bourrelet), sharp serrations, gorgeous enamel, and pointed tip. This particular gem is completely unrestored. 
  • Hawthorn Formation: 3 - 7 million years old 
  • Discovered in Beaufort County, South Carolina, USA
  • Scientists estimate that Megalodon – the largest predatory fish to ever swim the oceans – measured 10 feet for every inch of shark tooth length. Astonishingly, Megalodon bite marks have been found in whale bones. 
  • Measures precisely 4.78 inches along longest slant; 4.74 inches along second slant; 3.39 inches wide; and it weighs 211 grams.
  • Please select option (1) without the stand, or (2) with the stand ($35 extra)
 Image courtesy of  Karen Carr -