Celestine (Celestite) Egg Sculpture - 3.7 inches

$50.00 USD

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This breathtaking sky blue celestine crystal egg sculpture is the perfect gift for a mineral lover!

Celestine is composed of strontium sulfate. It occurs in geodes in the famous Sakoany deposit. The deposit is located near the banks of the Betsiboka river, close to the village of Katepsy in Mitsinjo District, Mahjanga Province in the northwestern part of Madagascar.

Note: formerly known as "celestite".

Measures 3.7 inches (9.4 cm) x 2.7 inches (6.9 cm)

Weighs 1lb 5.1 oz / 622 g  

To discover Celestine, holes are drilled into a 30 meter lens bearing the geodes. This layer is sandwiched between limestone with sea lily (crinoid) fossils and a sandy greywacke layer. Thus, mineral specimens like this piece are very difficult to collect. This particular specimen is in remarkable condition - geodes with unbroken crystals are becoming increasingly hard to find or acquire.