Amazing Mammoth Tusk - 39 inches

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This incredible fossil mammoth tusk is in an impeccable condition - an unbelievable discovery from Siberia.

The tusk comes from a young mammoth that trekked through the frozen tundra more than 20,000 years ago during the Late Pleistocene. 

This gorgeous fossil is ready to be displayed in your home, office or museum. A custom-made stained solid oak stand showcases its beautiful curvature. 

Overall, this a superb tusk because of its intact tip and gorgeous coloration.

The natural coloration is stunning with a mixture of earthy browns, beige and black.

Importantly, this Ice Age treasure has not been painted over or had large areas filled like many tusks on the market.

Measures 39" / 97 cm along outer curve.

Weighs 8.8 lbs. / 4 kg . 

Display measurements:31" 1/2 H x 7" 1/4 W x 17" D 

Please contact us for any inquiries. including details about repair or restoration.

Species: Mammuthus primigenius (Woolly mammoth)
Location: Southwestern Siberia, in Russia.
Age: Late Pleistocene 

Fossil mammoth ivory can be distinguished from present-day elephant ivory by the angle of crosshatching (Schreger lines) and can be traded internationally.

Note: due to present restrictions we cannot ship to California, New York state,  New Jersey and Hawaii. 

Model of woolly mammoth at Royal BC Museum. Source: Wikipedia