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Enormous Blue Mammoth Tusk - 10’ long, 157 lbs.

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This 10’ long mammoth tusk with striking blue colouration was found in Yakutia, Siberia. Preserved in the permafrost, it belonged to an imposing male woolly mammoth that inhabited the northern tundra more than 15,000 years ago, during the Pleistocene epoch. Presence of the mineral vivianite accounts for the rare blue colouration, which is highly sought after.  

This show-stopping specimen is fitting for a major natural history institution, luxury home or corporate setting. An elegant oak stand highlights its beautiful shape and curvature. 

Given its completeness, high ivory grade, size (157 lbs.) and gorgeous colouration, this tusk is undeniably exceptional. It’s certainly among the most impressive we’ve ever laid eyes on and it may be several years before we acquire a comparable specimen. 

Dimensions: 10’ long along outer curve

Weight: 157 lbs.

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All Fossil Realm mammoth tusks have been professionally stabilized; however, these specimens must be kept in an indoor environment with stable humidity and temperature. Ideal conditions are 50% to 60% humidity and 68 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Species: Mammuthus primigenius (Woolly mammoth)
Location: Yakutia, Siberia, in Russia.
Age: Late Pleistocene

Fossil mammoth ivory can be distinguished from present-day elephant ivory by the angle of crosshatching (Schreger lines) and can be traded internationally.

NOTE: due to present restrictions we cannot ship to California, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, Nevada, Illinois or New Hampshire

Artist’s reconstruction of woolly mammoth at the Royal BC Museum. Source: Wikipedia