Complete Fossil Reptile Skeleton - Claudiosaurus

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This complete fossil reptile skeleton is absolutely gorgeous and in the finest condition possible, with minimal restoration. It's an unbelievable discovery from Madagascar and a prime example of the fascinating aquatic reptile and dinosaur ancestor, Claudiosaurus germaini.  

It was found in a famous fossil formation, the Sankamena Valley, in the form of a concretion that was carefully split, partially revealing this unbelievable fossil. Hours of expert preparation exposed the skeleton in its completion, with breathtakingly detailed preservation including a perfect skull with needle-like teeth, small toe bones and fine tail vertebrae. 

These rare features, coupled with the overall beauty, make it an immensely valuable piece!

Location: Lower Sankamena Formation, Sankamena Valley, Madagascar.

Age: Upper Permian - 250 million years old.

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Matrix measures 19 x 15 x 1 inches / 48 cm x 38 x 2.54 cm. With tail and body straightened the total length of the animal would be about 29 inches / 74 cm.  

 Claudiosaurus germaini likely had a partly oceanic lifestyle similar to present-day Marine Iguanas. Illustration by Nobu Tamura.