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Monstrous Crocodile Skeleton - Steneosaurus bollensis - 13.45 feet

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This gigantic, well-articulated crocodile skeleton is a breathtaking find from the Holzmaden Shale near Stuttgart, Germany, a fossil locale renowned for its exceptionally preserved specimens.

This marine predator once inhabited warm Jurassic seas, which teemed with a variety of ammonites, ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs, crinoids (sea lilies) and many fish species. It predates Tyrannosaurus rex by over 100 million years. 

In addition to its jaw-dropping size, the preservation is tremendous. For example, tracheal rings, skin impressions and all teeth are present in this dramatic, three-dimensional specimen. 

Considerable time and skill was needed to reveal this specimen from the surrounding matrix - meticulous, specialized work using the latest techniques and equipment. The preparation was carried out to the most exacting of standards, bringing to life every detail while preserving the integrity of the fossil. 

Note that we have included pictures of the specimen in various lighting conditions.

  • Species: Steneosaurus bollensis 
  • Formation: Posidonia Shale 
  • Location: Holzmaden, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
  • Age: Lower Jurassic (Toarcian), 174 to 182 million years old
  • Shale layer: Epsilon II 6 (Schieferklotz)
  • Specimen measures approximately 4.1 meters / 13.45 feet (following curvature of vertebrae). 
  • Shale slab measures 3.85 x 1.85 meters / 12.63 x 6.0 feet
  • Preparation notes: restoration on last 20 cm of tail 
  • Includes custom steel frame and hanging moulds for wall-hanging


We expect this specimen to arrive in our Toronto Area facility in March 2019. 


Steneosaurus reconstruction

Artist's reconstruction of Steneosaurus Credit: Nobu Tamura