Large Fossil Mud Lobster from Flores, Indonesia - 8 inches

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This superb fossil mud lobster (Thalassina) was found in a unique location - the Indonesian Island of Flores. The majority of mud lobster fossils come from Australia and they typically do not have the claws preserved. Dates to the Miocene - from 16 - 25 million. A very large specimen with only minor restoration. 

Measures 7.75 x 3.25 inches x 1.5 inches ; Weighs 421 grams (15 oz.). 

Flores is a fascinating island. Komodo Dragons, the world's heaviest lizard, sometimes swim from the island of Komodo to Flores. Furthermore, the "hobbit sized" hominid that stood 3.5 feet tall. Homo floresiensis was discovered on Flores in 2003.