Exceptional Pyrite from Peru - 10 inches

$400.00 USD

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This is an exceptional pyrite crystal specimen from the Andes of Peru.

It is composed of hundreds of brilliant cubic crystals. Pyrite's sought after golden luster is clearly evident in this gorgeous piece.

Pyrite is commonly referred to as "Fool's gold." Although similar in colour to gold, pyrite is an iron sulfide mineral and much harder than gold.

Interestingly, fossils such as ammonites can become pyritized (replaced by pyrite) in low oxygen conditions, resulting in extremely beautiful specimens.

This stunning decorative mineral would enliven any home or office!  

Dimensions: Length - 10 inches / 25.4cm Height - 3 inches / 7.6 cm Width - 5 inches / 12.6 cm 

Weight: 4.050 kg / 8 lb 14 oz