Polished Freeformed Petrified Wood, Madagascar - 5 inches

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This beautiful, polished "freeformed" petrified wood sculpture is from Madagascar. The vibrant, natural colours and elegant organic shape are spectacular! A great gift for the pricepoint.

It comes from a large fossilized coniferous tree of the genus Araucaria. This fascinating tree exists to this day and is known as the "monkey puzzle tree", so-named because of its jagged bark that would challenge a climbing monkey. It dates to the Triassic Period - 252 to 201 million years ago.


Measures 5 inches high x 2.4 inches wide x 4.3 inches long / 12.2 cm x 6 cm x 11 cm.

Weighs 3 lb. / 1362 grams.

Polished all around and has a flat, cut base. 

Petrified wood is mineralized at the cellular level. The stunning red coloration is brought about by iron oxides. Learn more about the fascinating process of petrification here.