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Aquamarine, 119.65 ct. AGTA Spectrum Award Winner

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We are honoured to offer one of the world's most beautiful designer cut gemstones, a sublime Aquamarine, 119.65 Carats, aptly named "Beyond". This masterpiece was cut by visionary lapidary artist Mark Gronlund (photos by Orasa Weldon). It won 1st Place in the category of Innovative Faceting at the prestigious AGTA Spectrum Awards (2019). According to Gronlund, the title "Beyond" has many meanings: "Perhaps as you peer into the gem, you might imagine looking into another galaxy or beyond...perhaps the combination of the brilliance effect and the shape of the gem captivated your attention...perhaps you recognize artwork in fine gem material as never before seen by the human eye...beyond imagination and beyond any form of lapidary technique ever produced by man." We encourage you to venture beyond the ordinary with a gemstone that is truly in a class of its own and a piece of art history. More images upon request. 
Mark Gronlund: AGTA Spectrum Awards winner - "Beyond" Gemstone, Aquamarine, 119.65 Carats
Mark Gronlund at the AGTA Spectrum Awards, 2019